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You wouldn’t be the first businessperson looking for some assurance that we’re the right company for you, so S&P Casuals Ltd would like to take this opportunity to highlight 10 key incentives for doing mutually beneficial business together.


  1. Experience: Our 34 years trading perfectly illustrate our business knowledge in both retail/wholesale & import/export.    
  2. Service:  All our team fully appreciate the value of customer satisfaction and we do all we can when we can, for our clients. 
  3. Quality:  A global network of resources, from factories to fashion houses, ensures that our apparel exceeds expectations. 
  4. Value:  Pricing our product with purchaser profitability in mind, ensures beneficial business for all parties.
  5. Range:  We constantly strive to satisfactorily broaden our complete and current line of male orientated apparel.
  6. Resource:  With offices in the UK, Germany, China and the US, S&P are proud of our longstanding international business network.
  7. Staff:  S&P recruit youthful design staff with proven skills, adaptability and perhaps most importantly, an insightful eye for trends.
  8. Progression:  We thrive as a business by constantly exploring and optimising our approach to business.
  9. Commitment:  After 34 successful years, we’re as keen as ever to uphold our proven dedication to our customers.
  10. Clientele:  Ongoing business from numerous high street chains is at least indicative of our proven operation.


After spending over 3 decades exploring the numerous avenues of the fashion world, we’ve built a dynamic and reliable company: S&P Casuals Ltd.